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Metrolinx announced that it planned to pursue an option (3) that would see it extending the Yonge subway line directly underneath the Royal Orchard community, including it's resident's homes, green spaces, and school.

The Cities of Markham and Vaughan Councils both reject Metrolinx Option 3 and endorse the Yonge North Subway Extension Option that remains under Yonge Street.


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Queens Park Protest | October 6, 2021

What a turnout

'I will push the federal government to ensure that funding directed for the Yonge Subway Extension ensures that the new Line stays on Yonge Street. Federal funding is crucial for any transit project, I pledge to make the case that federal funds are conditional on ensuring transit projects pass through high-density areas. I continue to urge Metrolinx to abandon this ill-thought out "cost-saving" option that would negatively impact Thornhill's historical village and immediately revert to the original plan with stops along Yonge Street. ' - Melissa Lantsman, Member of Parliament


Despite strong community objections, Metrolinx is moving ahead with its Geotechnical Field Investigations, as a step towards the planning and design of the Yonge North Subway Extension.

Wood PLC, the contractor hired by Metrolinx have made drill markings across the neighbourhood.


What you can expect (notes from Metrolinx):
“Work hours will be 9:00 am to 3:30 p.m. within the Royal Orchard community, Monday to Friday. Each bore hole will take about two to four weeks to complete. If hours are extended for any reason, further notification will be issued.”


What you can do:

  • Homeowners located near to drill sites should take pictures of their property before drilling and file complaints with Metrolinx if there is any suspected damage to the resident's equipment or property. According to experts in the field, residents must notify the City of Markham and Metrolinx in writing within 7 days if there is any potential damage in order to have legal standing.

  • The contractor's contact information is: Siva Nadarajah, M.Eng., Project Manager / Engineering Analyst, Phone (647) 971-3349, Email

  • To convey overall concerns with drilling and to ask for more info on Metrolinx "Early Works,” you can also communicate with: The Community Engagement Team at Metrolinx, Phone: 416-202-7000, Email

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Peaceful protest
Held Sept. 17, 2021


The event went very well and our mandate to Stop Option 3 and Keep the Subway on Yonge was fully supported by all speakers who attended. Including Peter Kent MP, Melissa Lantsman PC candidate, Gary Gladstone Liberal candidate, Gila Martow MPP, Don Hamilton and of course Kieth Irish. We had 200 residents in attendance and lots of energy. York region council has an important job in laying the best foundations for this generational project and we do believe strongly that the best way is for the subway to stay on Yonge.

Rally to Keep The Subway North Extension on Yonge

June 5th, 2021

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Metrolinx Business Case Update

The Yonge North Subway Extension Initial Business Case Presentation to General Committee March 22, 2021

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